Liquidator Proof of Claim Form:

Liquidators may require their own detailed Proof of Claim form for claims to be processed after insolvency.  If you have not filled out this form, you should contact a representative of the Liquidator or go to their website to obtain a form.  Liquidators may require Proof of Claim (“POC”) filing by a certain date (also known as a “bar” date), after which claims are not accepted.  Liquidator POC forms are to be returned to the Liquidator, not to TIGA.

TIGA Proof of Claim Form:

In accordance with our statute, TIGA requires additional information that is not always available on the Liquidator’s POC.  Therefore, we require that the TIGA POC form also be filled out, notarized and returned to TIGA.  Claims must be filed with TIGA by the earlier of 18 months after the date of the order of liquidation or the final date set by the court for filing claims against the Liquidator.