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Tennessee Insurance Guaranty Association Act

The “Act” as represented on the links below is current through the 2018 Regular Session, and is reproduced for general information purposes only.  TIGA is not responsible for errors or changes in the law not represented herein.

56-12-101 Short title.

56-12-102 Purpose.

56-12-103 Scope.

56-12-104 Part definitions.

56-12-105 Creation of association.

56-12-106 Board of directors – Selection – Qualifications – Expenses.

56-12-107 Powers and duties of association.

56-12-108 Plan of operation – Requirements of plan – Delegation of authority.

56-12-109 Powers and duties of commissioner – Judicial review.

56-12-110 Effect of paid claims – Rights of association – Subrogation – Priorities – Statements.

56-12-111 Nonduplication of recovery – Exhaustion of other remedies.

56-12-112 Reports by board.

56-12-113 Examination of the association – Annual financial report.

56-12-114 Tax and fees exemption.

56-12-115 Deduction from premium taxes.

56-12-116 Immunity.

56-12-117 Stay of pending proceedings – Default judgment.

56-12-118 Advertising by member insurers.

56-12-119 Credit for guaranty fund assessments.

56-12-120 Unearned premium claims.

56-12-121 Insolvent Insurer.