Liquidators and guaranty funds conform to UDS format.  What is UDS?  UDS stands for Uniform Data Standards and is a set of rules which apply to the file layout of electronic data.  UDS has been approved by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.  For more information regarding the specific format, contact the National Conference of Guaranty Funds Help Desk.

Prior to shipping paper files to TIGA, TIGA should be contacted and notified of the number of boxes being shipped and expected arrival date.  Paper files should be shipped to the TIGA office with the clear identification of the “ship from” location both on and in each box of files.  Each box should also include a complete inventory of files included. TIGA does not accept postage due deliveries.

Electronic files should be created in CD-ROM format and mailed to TIGA at the 3100 West End Avenue, Suite 670, Nashville, TN 37203 address.  All electronic data should be discussed prior to sending with a qualified representative of TIGA, to determine correct format for the electronic file.  Any files shipped should be accompanied by printed directions as to the content, dates covered  and indexing of the electronic files.